Facing the effects of Rwanda’s genocide

Rwanda, Kigali

 Rwanda    Kigali

The history of each street child is unique. Some are orphans, others are opportunists, leaving their family for a chance at a better life or the chance at something to eat every day.

To save these children and give them a future, Fidesco founded a dual project in Kigali in 1994: a shelter for street children and a center for the promotion of reconciliation and peace. The center for children bears the name of the founders of Fidesco in Rwanda, who were killed during the genocide: Center Cyprien and Daphrose Rugamba.


Twenty five educators work in the center and go into the streets daily to meet the children, to first of all welcome, then to feed, wash, provide medical care and re-socialize them. When children are ready, we offer them to live in the center and return to school or, for the older ones, to begin professional training. Finally, we help children of all ages to return to their families.

UNICEF has cited this as an exemplary pilot project during an inspection in the summer of 2007.

The center hosts 120 children on a continuous basis, to this day.