Medical assistance at Chilubi health clinics

Zambia, Chilubi Island

 Zambia    Chilubi Island

Mission context:

Chilubi Island is a beautiful place… Lost on the Bangweulu lake (which means Dragon in Chibemba), in the North-East of Zambia, you can reach it twice a week by spending eight hours on the old ferry. This place was discovered by David Livingstone in 1968 and shortly after Catholic missionaries (the White Fathers) established the Mission Santa Maria; now, it is the most developed part of the island: a church , a school, a hospital and houses for their caregivers. There is also a convent under construction for several years, but will soon be ready for nuns. The White Fathers have left the island in 1995 and since that time, there are Zambian priests who are in charge of the Mission. Today, there are about 10 000 habitants in Chilubi (90% catholics).

Check out this beautiful video about two Fidesco volunteers: Henrike and Pauline, who are going to spend two years there. They are working as nurses at the Santa Maria Hospital, helping to treat and heal the inhabitants of this very remote area.