Ready to Volunteer?
Here’s what you’ll need to do after you check out the conditions for volunteering:

The first step is to express your desire to be sent on mission for one or two years. This is done by filling out a Volunteer Profile (in which you explain why you want to become a volunteer) and submitting your resume. Click here to start filling your application.

You will then be contacted for a phone discussion.

During that conversation, we clarify with you any questions or concerns that either Fidesco or you may have.  If you wish to take the next step, we will send you an invitation to a discernment weekend, where you will receive information which will help you to further discern your desire to go on mission.

While at the Discernment Weekend, you will receive initial training and extensive information about Fidesco, its missions, the living conditions, what you can expect…

We will also have an open discussion to review your expectations, education, experience and motivation, and address any question that you may have.

The purpose is for both Fidesco and the volunteer to know each other better, so as to ensure that the match is good and that your mission be a success.

If both, Fidesco and the candidate, decide to continue the process, Fidesco will propose a match between the candidate and a mission project. If you accept your assignment, you are a volunteer. Congratulations!

At that time, you will be given contacts of current or former volunteers, country coordinators, so that you have the resources to prepare yourself and study your assignment country . Further formation will also be provided.

You will receive final training during a “send off” session in Paray-le-Monial, in central France, where you will also meet all the volunteers from around the world who will be leaving at the same time as you.  A typical group is around 80 to 100 people.

To start filling out the Volunteer Profile/application, please click here.

We are looking forward to working with you !