Fidesco sends volunteers to aid non profits worldwide. They support these missions with their professional experience, skill sets, and their testimony. Many volunteers also help with parish activities, catechesis, liturgy or other aspects of daily life in parishes and congregations. If you need a catholic professional and cannot hire a local person with the same competencies in your own country, you can request a Fidesco volunteer for support. We ask for the following to start the dialogue with your organization:

  • A clearly defined mission (clear project goals, description of the volunteer’s work and his/her expected profile)
  • The commitment to keep a volunteer for the time agreed upon in the volunteer contract
  • Modest but fair accommodation with good hygiene
  • Communal and spiritual support

You can request an application from, or call us at (703)-260-1904. Our country correspondent will then contact you for further information and arrangements. Please note that, though we always try to send as many volunteers as possible, we cannot send a volunteer to every qualifying organization. We simply do not have the resources. Also, the number of volunteers and volunteers’ profiles change often: one year we may have many nurses and doctors, another year more managers, teachers, technicians, etc. However, do not hesitate to apply or contact us for questions or more information.