Give one or two years of your life to serve the poorest of the poor.

Support the mission of volunteers currently in the field.

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Fidesco – Catholic Organization for International Solidarity

Fidesco is an international Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that recruits and trains volunteers before sending them for a one or two year mission in under-served areas of the world. The volunteers make their professional and personal skills available to the needy through humanitarian and development projects.

In 1980 in Rome, African bishops met members of the Emmanuel Community and gave them a challenge: “We need young people coming in the name of their faith to support us in our development projects and offer assistance to our local population. Come join us!”

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Medical care for Guinea’s poor

The largest health care center in the country. It has sixty employees and 4 Fidesco volunteers.  Every year, over 100,000 people receive care and medicine.   The price, at $1.30 for the consultation, all included, is accessible even to the poorest. What is on the horizon. The maximum capacity for the Maternity Center has been […]


Fighting for prisoners in DR Congo

A team of volunteers go to the central prison in Kinshasa to meet with about a dozen prisoners a week. While there, they not only offers legal advice, but also help them with the psychological support they need to deal with the hostile conditions. BAJPD lawyers (4 in Kinshasa, and 2 in Lubumbashi) then handle […]


During my Big Night in the past few months, I’ve witnessed heartbreaking and dark places, but ...


Katie and Luke Johnstone

Philippines, Quezon City

recent Articles

  • Are you looking to volunteer for a mission? Fidesco responds to a real need, identified by local populations. To serve with Fidesco is to put oneself at the service of the Church and of the poorest, in an attitude of humility and availability. Students doing for a gap year, young professionals, families, singles, retirees… Fidesco […]

  • The Blanchard family has arrived in Huaycan, Peru for their mission. We can imagine their adjusting to this new environment as they settle into this new country. Their children will be attending school with the local children, so their Spanish will be perfect by Christmas. Sophie and Stephane are scoping out their mission and we […]

  • There is a lot of preparing and packing of suitcases for the Blanchard family who fly out this Saturday, September 2, 2023. They will follow in the footsteps of the Le Guen family at Colegio San Francisco de Asis, Huaycan, Peru.  Once they settle in with their three children, Sophie will work with the bakery/pastry […]

  • A huge shout-out to Eléonor and Ghislain who have just completed two years of service near Lima, Peru where their children were very much a part of the mission.  Fidesco is happy to announce that Sophie & Stephane, with their children, will be heading to the Huaycan mission in September. Do consider helping this work […]

  • Sincere thanks to Drew Geiger who just completed two years of service in Chikowa, Zambia working with at the Chikowa Youth Development Centre, a technical school which is run by the Comboni  Missionaries of the Heart of Jesus. Fidesco is pleased to be able to send a new Fidesco volunteer to this mission in a […]

  • Here are their faces with the Fidesco support team surrounding these 84 volunteers for 2023. Please consider supporting these volunteers and their missions and you can be assured that they are ABSOLUTELY making a difference in the lives of those they serve. https://www.fidescousa.org/how-you-can-help/how-you-can-make-a-donation/  I thank you for them.

Upcoming events

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2024 Discernment Weekend
 April 12, 2024

This Invitation Only weekend will allow the Fidesco volunteer candidates to learn more about the work Fidesco does in the field, With the assistance of former volunteers and some international staff, the candidates are given an opportunity to explore the positive and negative reasons to decide to pursue volunteering with Fidesco. Reach out to us […]

Location:Bristow, VA

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Fidesco USA Discernment Weekend 2023
 March 31, 2023

This is our annual “by invitation only” weekend to discern your call to mission. Contact Fidesco to be invited. Fidesco USA: Who’s next?


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 February 23, 2023

Location:online 8:15 pm EST to 9:00pm

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Fidesco USA Discernment Weekend 2022
 April 1, 2022

This is a “by invitation only” weekend so please contact Fidesco to be included. Fidesco USA: Who’s next?

Location:Bristow, Virginia

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Fidesco Information Webinar
 March 22, 2022

March 22 at 2:15 pm (EST) there will be an online Fidesco Information evening in English (about 90 minutes) Participants, from all over the world, who are thinking about leaving with Fidesco are welcome! Topics: What is Fidesco Discerning a departure Q&A                                […]

Location:online 2:15 pm EST to 3:30 pm

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Fidesco Presentation Webinar
 December 13, 2022

Location:online 2:15 pm EST to 3:30 pm

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