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Fidesco – Catholic Organization for International Solidarity

Fidesco is an international Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that recruits and trains volunteers before sending them for two year missions in under-served areas of the world. The volunteers make their professional and personal skills available to the needy through humanitarian and development projects.

In 1980 in Rome, African bishops met members of the Emmanuel Community and gave them a challenge: “We need young people coming in the name of their faith to support us in our development projects and offer assistance to our local population. Come join us!”


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  • Chile, Concepcion

    Louis and Heidi Hauguel

    Social Activities leaders

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    Louis and Heidi Hauguel

    Louis and Heidi Hauguel
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Medical care for Guinea’s poor

The largest health care center in the country. It has sixty employees and 4 Fidesco volunteers.  Every year, over 100,000 people receive care and medicine.   The price, at $1.30 for the consultation, all included, is accessible even to the poorest. What is on the horizon. The maximum capacity for the Maternity Center has been […]


Fighting for prisoners in DR Congo

A team of volunteers go to the central prison in Kinshasa to meet with about a dozen prisoners a week. While there, they not only offers legal advice, but also help them with the psychological support they need to deal with the hostile conditions. BAJPD lawyers (4 in Kinshasa, and 2 in Lubumbashi) then handle […]


Farmschool in Indonesia

1999 – the beginning. To support the social and family network in the countryside, the bishop of Manado asked Fidesco in 1999 to participate in a project to process fruit. In 2007, a new directive was given: to open a “farm school” in the village of Lotta. The objectives are to help farmers and their […]


During my Big Night in the past few months, I’ve witnessed heartbreaking and dark places, but ...


Katie and Luke Johnstone

Philippines, Quezon City

recent Articles

  • Now is the time to apply for a Fidesco USA mission!  An April discernment weekend has been scheduled and this will be your unique opportunity in 2019 to join the Fidesco team of volunteers on a 2019 mission.  Submit your non-binding application today.

  • Louis and Heidi will be serving orphans in Concepcion, Chile for the next two years. Taking their children on such a mission has been a desire that they have nurtured for many years and their support base extends to the United States. Their work will be to create workshops for children as well as fundraising […]

  • When 85 volunteers gathered for the final training session in France, all of the staff was present as well as many former volunteers and country coorespondants. Bishop Emmanuel Gobilliard, auxiliary bishop from Lyons, France, is the spiritual godfather of this group. In addition to the French nationals, volunteers from the Netherlands, Portugual, Germany and Poland […]

  • New volunteers: Dominic and Margaret with children Patrick and Caroline. Siloe Centre for the Blind, Limpopo, South Africa Our mission will be serving at the Siloe Centre for the Blind (http://www.siloecentre.co.za). It is a school and vocational center operated by a Polish congregation: the Franciscan Sisters Servants of the Cross. Some of the students at […]

  • As 2016 is just starting, I was looking back at the past year and all that happened for Fidesco USA. It started with a weekend of discernment and preparation for candidates in January in Larchmont near New York. After additional training in the spring, all candidates joined the worldwide training in Paray Le Monial (France) […]

  • This year the send-off session for volunteers in Paray-le-Monial was very intensive. The american volunteers were fully integrated in the group. Katie and Luke are already at their mission, while Alexis and Pauline are preparing to leave soon.

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 April 5, 2019


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2019 Send Off Paray-le-Monial, France
 July 14, 2019


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