In order to volunteer with Fidesco USA, you need:

  • to be a citizen or legal resident of the United States or Canada
  • to be over 21 years and, for our active seniors, they must return from mission on the eve of their 70th birthday
  • to be healthy
  • to be available for a 1 to 2 year mission
  • to accept to serve a development project initiated by an entity of the Catholic Church (diocese, charity, school, hospital…)
  • to have a desire to serve with an attitude of hope
  • to follow the Fidesco training once the mutual decision is made

You can be single, a family with or without children, right out of school, taking a break in your professional career, or recently retired.

We do ask expectant mothers to wait until after the birth to leave on mission. Due to school constraints, we can accommodate families with children not older than 9 years old  who will attend grades 4 and 5 during the mission.

We have one departure per year:

  • For the annual summertime departure, please contact us as early as possible, but by February.  You will be invited to attend a “discernment weekend” held in late winter or early spring the cost of which is your expense.

For the mission, Fidesco provides transportation, medical insurance, a stipend, and simple but appropriate living conditions.

We will ask you to help us with fund raising. Corporate donors, foundations, and government subsidies cover slightly more than one third of the cost of missions, so we need your help to make your project known and find sponsors in  a grassroots manner.

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