Rick, Diane & Casey Barker (US)


Fidesco volunteer back from mission on August 8, 2018

Rick is working as a Deputy Hospital Administrator in a bush hospital in Muthale, Kenya, working to improve their financial and management systems. The Muthale Hospital receives 80 outpatients daily, totally 20,000 per year with 2000 annual admissions. Diane, a sign language expert, is working as an instructor at St Michael’s residential school, in Kitui, Kenya, for children who are deaf and/or have accompanying disabilities. Casey is working as a Facilitator and Resource Person at St. Michael’s School.

In addition, the Barker family is participating in a sensitization program of special needs visiting neighboring schools and giving inspirational talks.


Dear friends,

As the world continues to deal with the pandemic of the Covid 19 virus, the

United States is now confronted with the virus of anti-Black Racism that permeates

the history of our country. How can we stop the spread and treat it? What is the cure?

Fidesco acknowledges this grave sin of white supremacy and recommit to our work

to fight for the equal dignity of all in every place where we serve—including the

lives of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.

May we not let God down!

We pray for all our sisters and brothers of color who are victims of racism and may

our actions bring about change for the better.


The Board Members of Fidesco USA

                 “At the core of the virtue of solidarity is the pursuit of justice and peace.”

                                         (US Conference of Catholic Bishops)