Alexis Nowotny (US)


Fidesco volunteer back from mission on November 2016English teacher - the mission is among the young prostitutes.


Context of the mission

Often young women who come really have the desire to succeed after spending several years in the sex industry. Most of the time, after 6 to 24 months in the center, they change their lives by finding a normal job in Thailand (or sometimes abroad when they find a foreign husband) or by returning to their families in the North.

Project objectives

The clear objective of the sisters is to use all these activities as a pretext to testify about the Christ’s love, while the most part of people is Buddhist. On the spiritual level, as always in Thailand, the Church is discrete and is not ‘propaganda’. Each morning there is however a prayer for all the staff (though there is a non-Christian majority).

Project beneficiaries

Young prostitutes benefit from a pleasant place to share with other women in the same situation, professional courses (hairdressing, massage, computer science, foreign languages, etc.), various activities (psychological support and training on different topics (transmission of HIV, prostitution networks in the world, security, sexuality, drugs, birth control, unwanted pregnancies, etc.). The approach is truly evangelical and takes care of the integral development of the person (physical, psychological, professional, spiritual).

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