Fidesco and the Media

Would you like to learn more about us and where we’ve been covered in the news? We’ve included a sampling of the stories on us below. And remember, if you would ever like to learn more about us, or just cannot find the story you are looking for, feel free to contact us at

  1. >Launch of Fidesco USA– Story on our Launch, featured in the Huffington Post.
  2. Fidesco USA Now Sending American Volunteers to Serve Story on our expansion efforts and on Cardinal Dolan, who generously hosted a fund raising gala for us in 2011.
  3. Off to the Missions-Ever wanted to know what makes a volunteer, well, a volunteer? This article in the Catholic Register explains a little bit about our four first volunteers and one of them in particular, Natalie Kean.


  1. The Light of Hope- When we launched officially we commissioned this video to explain a little bit more about what Fidesco did and what the organization planned to do.  It was a lovely project and we hope you enjoy it.
  2. Where is Fidesco 2014? Every year, we make a video with all of our volunteers around the world dancing to a particular song. This year theme was « Burn » by Ellie Goulding . If you’d like a short, visual explanation of where we work, this is it.   Prior years are fun, too: check out Where is Fidesco 2013?, Where is Fidesco 2012? and Where is Fidesco 2011?
  3. Fidesco’s Work in Zambia– Want to see an example of what we do in the world? The Fidesco Globe Reporter’s bring you this video of our mission work in Zambia. Informative, colorful, and well paced. English with French subtitles.
  4. Fidesco South Africa– and A day with Chris: Videos on our work in education in South Africa.
  5. Fidesco Indonesia– Information on an Agricultural training center we work with in Indonesia.

The Fidesco Blog

We’ve just launched the Fidesco Blog! The blog is a one stop source for volunteer and mission news, new photos, new updates, and other types of information.